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School Supplies

School supplies for all classrooms have been pre-ordered through Staples. We had an overwhelming positive response to bulk ordering all supplies so that they are ready-to-go on the first day of school! This process has enabled us to offer a significant cost savings to families for all consumable materials, while also being environmentally friendly.

Fees for these supplies will be collected in September. 

Please Note: Participation in the shared supply program is optional for families. If you prefer to purchase your own supplies at full cost, please see Nikki Lonsbury in our school office for supply lists.

The bulk purchase fees for supplies for the 2018-2019 school year are provided below and may change slightly in September depending on which class your child is designated to:

Kindergarten - $32.15

Grade 1 - $50.45

Grade 2 - $45.65

Grade 3 - $54.95

Grade 4 - $48.00

Grade 5 - $50.25

Grade 6 - $58.50