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Registration Information: 2018-2019 School Year


Designated attendance areas for Roberta MacAdams School: Blackmud Creek/Southbrook, Cashman, MacEwan, Richford and Blackburne

Registrations for the 2018-19 school year will only be accepted for families who have newly moved into our designated attendance areas. Kindergarten programming will only be accommodated in the afternoon for new registrations that have not pre-enrolled at other schools.

Completed registration packages must include confirmation of address (a minimum of two of the following documents: utility bill, lease agreement, property tax bill, driver's license). Registration forms can be dropped off or completed in our school office or emailed to us at robertamacadams@epsb.ca.

For more information about our school's programming, including kinder tours, please contact Karen Keats Whelan, Principal at Karen.KeatsWhelan@epsb.ca.

For additional information about new student registration, email us at robertamacadams@epsb.ca.